Gadel Marketing is a marketing consultancy and agency. “Gadel” is hebrew for “grow and become great”. We are passionate about working with our clients to help them grow from a good business into a truly great business.

Data driven decision making is our primary focus at Gadel. Through strategic research, such as target audience surveys and competitive analysis, the team at Gadel seeks to find a personalized plan for your business rather than selling you on the shiniest marketing toy of the month. We pride ourselves on our abilities to track our results so that, during the implementation phase of your campaign, we can quickly analyze the return of your investment and optimize our efforts to produce even greater results.

Currently, we have a team of eleven highly experienced marketing professionals, with expertise in research and strategy, digital media marketing, and traditional and print advertising. Custom marketing solutions, business development, and advertising strategies are the cornerstones of our work, and we have found talented professionals to help your business scale. That said, we can customize a solution that fits your needs—whether that be training your internal teams, filling your staffing gaps with key Gadel professionals, or simply implementing an entire marketing solution for you.

Gadel Marketing Team
(Name / Area of Expertise / Year of Experience)

  • Nathan – Marketing Strategist / Media Buyer – 7 Years
  • Kevin – Digital Strategist / Digital Media Expert – 15 Years
  • Joel – Graphic Designer / Print Expert – 25 Years
  • Robert – Backend Developer / Server Support – 10 Years
  • Donnie – Photographer – 10 Years
  • John – Full Stack Developer – 6 Years
  • Ryan – Social Media Expert – 5 Years
  • Alex – Copywriter / Email Specialist – 3 Years
  • Khalid – Mobile App Developer – 3 Years
  • Bethany – Copywriter – 2 Years

Email us at info@gadel.marketing or call us directly at 512.665.4765 to setup your first consultation for free. We will begin learning about your business and start the process of formulating a solution to achieve your business goals.